About the translation system

Translations always consist of two rows:

  • The first row is the "msgid" - please don't change anything in there or the translation won't be recognized by the software
  • The second row is "msgstr". This is the actual translation, everything between the quotation-marks should be translated (with a few exceptions):
  • please don't change the HTML-Tags, only translate the text inside the tags. If you don't quite understand what I mean you can just leave those translations in their original form or just ask me :)
  • please don't translate "10FastFingers" (the name of the site)
  • "%s" inside the translation are variables which will be replaced by values. For example: "%s WPM" will become "50 WPM" or something like that. You can reposition "%s" inside the translation if it makes more sense for your language to reposition it.
  • quotation-marks (") inside the translation need to be escaped by a backslash (\). Do not escape the quotation marks at the beginning and the end of the translation. If you don't understand what this means, email me first before starting the translation, otherwise your translation might not be useable.

Step by step

  1. Select the language you wish to translate the site into from the list beneath
  2. Lines are highlighted in a light red color if no translation is available for this part (note: there are also untranslated parts which are not highlighted with a red color, this is the legacy of the old system)
  3. You don't need to translate every part, if the english original works fine or better, just keep it this way :)
  4. You can improve already translated parts if you like but make sure that you keep the same text length or even reduce it (see next point)
  5. Don't use too much text, try to reach the same amount of characters as the english original. Shorter is always fine, longer might break the layout.
  6. Not every part of the site can be translated, so if you don't find it in the translation-file, it's probably not intended to be translated :)
  7. Copy the whole text-section, for example "main.po", into your email program (for example: GMail). After you translated the text or parts of it, send it to [email protected] - please make sure that if you send me multiple translations, that each one has its one file (not all in one)
  8. If you don't understand how to translate a part (for example a line with HTML-Code in it), please leave it as it is.
  9. If you have any questions about the translation or the translation system (if something is explained poorly) just email me :)