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The problem of population has taken the form of a very serious problem. Many problems have arisen from this problem. Work is being done to solve this problem over the years. First of all Family Planning was started in India in 1952. The countrys first woman Prime Minister had also taken concrete steps for family planning, but due to lack of correct information, she had to be a victim of criticism from most of the public. Among those who were operated on, they blamed the operation for being unwell due to other reasons as well. No one understood the love behind his country. Some people protested because of ignorance because there was a lack of awareness. This is what happened to Indiraji. The country is facing many problems due to the continuous growth of population.The main problem is the problem of space. It is natural to have problems with the increase of lakhs of people in place of 100 people. The countrymen are suffering from many problems like poverty, unemployment etc. The government is trying for a solution, but it is not getting the expected success from growth. For this more concrete steps have to be taken. In relation to reducing the growth of population, the idea of B K Suraj Bhai is very commendable he says that the person who has one child should be given job first, then the second, then those with three children. to then to others. Suraj Bhais suggestion is excellent. If this suggestion is accepted, then this problem will probably be solved to some extent.In view of the present situation of the country, it is imperative that both individual and collective efforts should be made to stop the growth of population. Family planning and medicines should be used, due to which the growth of population can be stopped. Efforts should be made to solve this problem from both the government and non-government level. In this work, there is a need to mobilize with full force, sincerity, otherwise, due to its increase, the result can be dire and fatal. Along with the government, every human has to be aware. The government has always been trying to solve this problem. Family planning has been widely disseminated through mass media, and is continuously engaged. Many voluntary organizations are working to solve this problem. The age of marriage has been fixed by the government, child marriage has been banned, provision of punishment has also been made. In a family which has only one daughter many facilities have been given for that daughter. Unless every citizen of the country cooperates in this problem it is difficult to solve this problem. Along with the government, every human will have to be aware. If everyone pays attention together then the problem of environment, the problem of unemployment the problems of the place will be solved. Hence the need for awareness.

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