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To use the children under the age of 18 years in fear, terror, terror, coercion and use it is a violation of their rights. Whether it is in the form of child labor, child marriage, child trafficking or child sexual abuse incidents of child abuse are present before us. Its widespread form appeared around the world only in the early 20th century. In the beginning, they were not discussed so much, this crime was covered with respect and shame, under which innocent lives used to be buried, but today the problem has taken the form of a dreadful problem. Now the parents of the children and the whole society need to become aware. Many researches have been published on incidents of history of child abuse whose results are troubling to you and all of us. Most of the research reaches its conclusion that the people close to us are mainly responsible for child abuse sexual crimes, neighbors relatives or servants are found to be more involved in these cases. Their abominations, children are unable to tell their parents due to shame and fear. Torturing the child mentally makes them accustomed to live in fear for the rest of their life. People of bad nature commit crimes by intimidation or by giving some greed. As much as the pain caused by mental torture, the same pain is caused by physical torture. Includes beatings, physically hurting her. To prevent this, children need to be educated and parents need to be awakened.
The ill effects of exploitation on childhood are so dominating that children who are exploited live a life full of frustration with a sense of vengeance in anger throughout the life of fear. Often they are shy and feel uncomfortable in conversation with strangers. They start behaving strangely when they exceed the limit of stamina. Many children are victims of child abuse incidents to such an extent which later start living in stress and depression, their behavior becomes like a mental patient. As they grow up, they often engage in criminal activities. In this way the crime of child abuse badly affects both the direction and condition of the life of the children. They become criminal or special backward child from common child.

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