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Very few people are aware that after Krishna  Sudarshan Chakra How and why did. That is, how he got the Sudarshan Chakra. In this regard, we have brought for you some excerpts from V. Sawantjis book Yugandhar.  After killing Kansa, Shri Krishna had to leave Mathura. After the slaughter of Kansa  the attacks of the mighty Magadha king Jarasandha increased on Mathura . At that time, the Yadav king Ugrasen was ruling Mathura.  Shri Krishna thought, because of me alone, the Yadavas have been in great trouble from all around. Thinking that there should not be any kind of trouble on the Yadavas because of me, Lord Krishna thought of taking safe shelter somewhere other than Mathura at a very young age. In the south there were 4 kingdoms of Yadavas. The first kingdom was established by the four sons of Adipurush Maharaja Yadu, who were derived from the four Naga Kanyas. Muchkund had established this kingdom near the South Rikswan mountain. The second kingdom was with Padmavat Mahabaleeswaram. Yadu's son Padmavarna had settled him on the Sahamadri plateau on the banks of the river Venya. The famous Vedic city named Karveer, situated on the banks of river Panchganga, also came under this state. It was ruled by a Nagvanshi Mandalik king named Shringal. The city of Karveer was called Dakshin Kashi.
 To its south was Kraunchapur, the third kingdom established by Yadu son Saras. There was an abundance of birds called Kraunch, that is why it was called Kraunchpur. The land there was red clay and fertile. This state was also called 'Vanasthali' state. The fourth kingdom was established by Yadu son Harit on the western sea coast. In these four kingdoms, Amatya Viprithu had already sent messages by messengers that Shri Krishna was coming. Lord Parashurama used to reside on the banks of river Venya in the kingdom of Padmavat . Parashurama came to the kingdom of Padmavat along with many of his disciples in boats from Mahendra mountain, that is, from the east sea. He was the best among the few men who had the ability to impart Brahmastra Vidya, including mantras, in the entire Aryavarta. Everyone knew the tales of his miracles and power. His disciples were spread everywhere in Aryavarta. There were many ashrams in each of his kingdoms.

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