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Industrial revolution in Russia like other countriesAlthough the revolution took place here after a long time as compared to other countries, but due to this, many factories were established in Russia. Thus began the industrialization of Russia. Due to working in it, lakhs of laborers left the countryside and villages and started living in those towns and cities in which factories were established yesterday. Because of living in towns and cities, they were no longer as simple as before. Living in the cities had not only brought them old age, but they also started taking interest in political matters. They also took care of their political and social rights. They formed their own clubs, where they discussed and debated all kinds of matters. He also got knowledge of new ideologies and trends by staying here.  There was a revolution in Russia in 1905 AD  through which an attempt was made to establish a legal monarchy in Russia, but due to mutual disputes, this revolution could not be successful and the rule of the Tsar was established again. The obvious result of this revolution was that it introduced political rights to the common people of Russia. They came to know what the meaning of vote vote is? How should the members of the Duma or in other words the Parliament be elected? The government should decide its policy according to public opinion and proceed to do the works of public interest. Being acquainted with their political rights, the people of Russia understood that a fully democratic government should be established in Russia where the government is in the hands of the common people. The influence of the democratic states of Western Europe was also on Russia, although the emperors of Russia made special efforts to stop the propagation of western progressive ideas in Russia, but it is a very difficult task to stop the ideas, because ideas are like air. . During the First World War  the propaganda that was being done by the Allies against Germany and its allies, it was mainly said that they intended to create new nations on the basis of democracy, rule of the people and nationality. are at war with. Russia was under the Allies. Therefore, this propaganda had a great impact on the people there too.  
Education in Russian had spread among middle-class people. Just as the credit for the French Revolution goes to the French philosophers, educated class etc. similarly in Russia too, the pace of revolution was accelerated by this category of people. They used to study new books. Written by Western European ideas Books Russian language in translation were. Many Asian writers also presented new and progressive ideas through their books.  

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