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Shocking  news has come out from Aligarh district of Uttar Pradesh. Here a young man has been accused of transmitting HIV to his pregnant wife by giving an injection. It is alleged that this conspiracy was hatched in a nursing home for divorce. In Aligarh, such a conspiracy was hatched to divorce his wife for the sake of love, which everyone is shocked to hear. Here the husband and in-laws are accused of infecting HIV by injecting the pregnant wife and then leaving her in the maternal home. In this connection, a case has been registered at Lodha police station on the complaint of the victim's father, in which this conspiracy has been made in a nursing home on Ramghat Road and the relatives of the in-laws' side of the nursing home operator have also been made accused. At present, the police has registered a case and has sent it for mediation on the basis of the first statement.
According to the Lodha Inspector, in the case registered in the police station, it is alleged that the girl was married on 7 December 2020 with a contract health worker youth of Ramghat Road area of the city. 12 lakh in cash and other kind of dowry of Rs 25 lakh was given in dowry. It is alleged that when the girl reached her in-laws' house after marriage, she came to know that she had a relationship with a female health worker working with her husband.  
Due to this controversy started only after few days. But at that time the husband somehow ended the talk by making a false promise. But after a few days his brother-in-law molested him. She was also beaten up in her in-laws' house for protesting against this. On February 14, 2021, when the girl's father and other family members went to the in-laws' house on this news, the in-laws clearly said that we will not be able to handle your daughter. So it is better that you get divorced and we will refund the wedding expenses. On asking the reason, the husband clearly said that he does not like her. On this the people of the maternal side were stunned. At that time the matter was handled somehow. It is alleged that after a few days, the conspiracy for divorce started again. On this, when the maternal relatives went again, the in-laws said that divorce should be done. Both do not fit. She is sick too. On this, the maternal side argued that there was never any disease before. Now that you have become pregnant, it is normal to have a little trouble. After this, on August 4, her husband left the pregnant woman outside the village in her maternal home.  

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