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We are talking about King Porus. Who were they where were the kings and why are often mentioned in the stories of Alexander and his fight these are the questions whose answers are interesting. The battle of Porus and Alexander is well known in history. Stories of Porus and Alexanders war and their friendship are also told. Historians point towards diplomacy behind who Porus was and what led to his friendship with Alexander.
Historian about Porus and Professor R.C. who taught ancient history at Delhi University. Thakaran told the BBC that Porus was the king of a small kingdom on the banks of the Jhelum River. The way we see India today there was not a country like that before. There were different states one of which was ruled by Porus. He explains Porus rule was around Jhelum in Punjab. But in all the small states here Porus was considered a very powerful ruler.
Historians say that Alexander was out on the world victory. They had reached the kingdom of Porus. In front of Alexander who did not surrender clashed with him. DP Dubey professor of ancient history at Allahabad University says There was a fight between Alexander and Porus in. The king of Taxila surrendered before Alexander and asked Alexander to attack Porus so that his kingdom could expand. But Porus fought valiantly and was defeated after much struggle. Alexanders army also suffered heavy losses in this.
According to the figures found in history  Alexanders army had more than 50 thousand soldiers while the number of soldiers of Porus was close to 20 thousand. Porus raised the elephants of his army in front of Alexander  army due to which Alexander was also stunned. However Prof. Dubey also believes that Alexander invasion never happened in India. He says According to me Alexander was attacked in Pakistan. Alexander never dared to cross the Sindh river.
When Porus lost he was presented before Alexander. Alexander questions Porus as to how he should be treated. In response to this question Porus told Alexander with great confidence and self-respect that exactly what one ruler does to another ruler. Alexander liked his confident answer and after that Alexander realized that his army had to struggle a lot here and suffer the loss. To avoid such damage and confrontation Alexander established friendly relations with Porus so that Porus could be sought for any further help. Alexander had a compulsion and diplomatic understanding that made him have a practically friendly relationship with Porus.

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