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L ife on wider terms can be completely unpredictable. Perhaps like man proposes one way and God disposes the other way. Life is rebooting in its own way and its frenetic pace has begun to slow down. We often keep predicting life and behave as if we are going to live forever but life has surprised all with a sad and shocking standstill. Old life patterns and new normal struggles are juggling and it makes us feel sensitive to the current situation in a world making us vulnerable which perhaps will leave many in depression. But the million dollar question is how many of us have the courage, strength and resilience to face it spot on? The new modes of doing, the new modes of coping and the new you with reverberating old life is making us feel antsy right now. Making a major lifestyle change could be the audacious move as on date by making smart precautions and channelising our thoughts, energy, behaviour, manners in constructive ways. It’s time for big radical change - For new channels to float in. It's time for flexibility to take over. Flexibility precedes predictability  A major shift to create more opportunities for our ways. Adaptation only to the new will make us toot our horns infront of tough situations. It's time to let go of old patterns and embrace new styles to discover the unknown. Change is the spice of life. Paradigm of paying close attention to all details to the new has arrived. Having the attitude of flexibility can prevent stress and make life more adventurous. Being stubborn is stupid and perilous. The show must go on with modern tools like mask, social distancing, isolation, meditation, yoga, physical exercise and positive thinking. These are most precious assets today than gold in lockers, bitcoins and sensex. Even the wealthiest were not spared by fury of nature. We need to reform our approach towards our surroundings humanity, animals, nature to restore what we have lost. What you sow  so you reap! Whatever mother Earth provided us free of cost is now costing heavily on us. It's a wake up call to mend the ties and not to take things for granted. The choices is yours: To retain or exit, to be flexible or rigid, to hold on to old or move on, to regret life or make it adventurous, to live or to die, to respect it or resent it. Embrace the major shift in paradigm of life- then and now: A whole new world A second innings for all to live in peace and harmony with every damn living being existing and alive here to experience life in perfect balance with economy too. In dry summer- we yearn for rain, In a world of apathy, only pain and pain. Thank you Sun for your light, For your light is our hope our dawn, Each sunrise brings a new day in for new things!

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