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There were two friends in the village near Bikaner. They both worked at the Bikaner King. One of them was a Brahmin, who worshiped in the court of the king. The king sometimes required him only in celebration, festival or shraddh, birth and death etc.  Another friend was a barber. The need of a barber used to fall every day in the palace, because in the palace, the hair of someone or other used to be cut every day. Even after this, both received equal income from the state. Due to being closer to the king, the barber king had some more face.
One day a debate took place between a Brahmin and a barber. The Brahmin was saying that  Man eats his destiny, otherwise we work with the king; But the giver is our destiny.  In contrast, the barber was saying  Luck and fortune are nothing. If the king removes us from work, then we will stumble at every rate.  Their debate continued to grow. Neither of them was ready to accept each other. Their debate took the form of a quarrel. The guards were being guarded by the kings gaiety. When they saw both of them quarreling, they took them both and took them to the king.
The barber swung a little and said  Maharaj The talk of this Brahmin is absolutely wrong, if you remove us from work. So we will die of hunger, I think you are the one who gives us. You are our fate.  The barber came  
down in flattery. The king was very happy to hear him But he did not even reveal this to everyone. Because his pride is visible in it. Although the king liked the talk of the barber. But on the basis of his personal opinion, the king cannot decide. So he got an idea. He asked both of them to come to the court the next day.
The next day both Brahmins and barbers appeared in the court. According to his plan, the king first called the hairdresser to him and gave him one ser rice, ghee and a big potter. After this, he told the barber that  He should go to the river bank to cook food and come in the evening. The barber took his luggage and went. The barber looked at his baggage and did not know what to think, the king gave me this potter. Eating a potter will cause stomach upset. While the Brahmin often gets to eat the limebased vegetable in marriage etc. it is a habit to eat it. Lets see what the king has given to the Brahmin. If something else happens I will replace it with my wolf. Thinking this he took his eagle and reached the Brahmin and asked him  What the king has given. The Brahmin said that  The king has given him dal rice.  

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