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Motivation is the force that drives us every day to pursue daily activities. Whether it is waking up in the morning, going to work saving money or going to clubs all these activities are motivated  by innate desires. It is a powerful force which is often understated  because it is easy to relate the desire to not rise above the comfort zone with the lack of motivation. Motivation is a tool which can help you to jumpstart on an activity or a process especially when one is stuck in a lull or is too settled in the routine of the things. However to sustain the momentum one needs a healthy dose of self-discipline for continuity. Motivation can make you think about getting out of bed in the morning to exercise. It might even push you to do so for a couple of days, but to continue with the task every single day, you need more than motivation. You need self-discipline. When people are able to demarcate both of these forces in their mind, they are able to achieve whatever they set their mind to. The problem arises when one starts to use motivation as a crutch for the whole journey to fulfil the set goals. All that does is cripple the desire to even reach the end of the journey. This is the reason why you don't continue with your gym membership, why you make plans for vacations but never follow through, why you can't stick to your diet regimen. Motivation is important, but it is just one part of the equation. It can help us to take the first step, but it cannot be the driver of our success. Motivation must come in combination with dedication grit hard work persistence and self-discipline. They all are essential ingredients to prepare the delectable recipe of success. As with any new venture, we must also be prepared to face failure during the journey, which is the reality of life. Every failure is an opportunity to learn and start again. Motivation helps you to rise above failures. But to go beyond the scope of your comfort zone, you need to be committed to the cause. It can be something as simple as going for a walk every day. Desire to be fit can motivate you to set and start a routine. But unless you are committed and dedicated to the intent, the motivation  will soon wane and you will go back to your old routine.

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