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Exam time is like a mental marathon, and we cannot stress enough on studying while children sit for exams. Your brain needs energy to work efficiently and for this you must have balanced diet within between healthy snacks. The meals should contain foods which lead to mental alertness. These include foods like milk and milk products sprouts tofu egg chicken fish healthy nuts in combination with healthy cereals like dalia, oats, quinoa, and whole wheat products. Brain boosting foods include foods that improve memory and concentration like almond walnuts fish flaxseeds banana chick pea spinach, broccoli etc. Avoid junk foods as they require added time and energy to digest. Keep yourself hydrated Drink healthy beverages like milkshakes fresh soups lemonade lassi coconut water instead of aerated beverages. One or two cups of coffee or tea or dark chocolate can also be added in the diet as caffeine makes you alert and active, but avoid excess of it. Have at least 8-10 glasses of water per day. Snack smartly, Eat healthy snacks in between meals like protein bars fresh fruits peanuts makhana and roasted chana etc. specially when you are studying till late at night. Sleep is important Good sleep is as good for your brain as food for body. Lack of sleep can interfere with learning ability, cause mood swings and compromise your immune system. Sleep for at least eight hours. Detox from electronic devices: Avoid engaging in too many electronic devices and take out an hour everyday for some recreational activity to keep you happy and motivated.

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