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Idleness means having nothing to do. It is a big course indeed. God has given us a beautiful body that is a useful machine too. It  can work wonders if it is used properly. We   must never let this machine remain without work. Idleness leads to immense loss indeed.  
 We can make   use of our body in two ways-physically and mentally. All the work in which we use our mind or brain is mental work. All the work that we do with our body is  physical work. But mind is the caption of the body. We cannot do any physical work properly without applying our mind to it.
 If a person sits idle, he will be doing no work apparently.  But the mind can never sit idle; it keeps on thinking something or the other. We know that Satan is always on the look-out  for idle persons. He urges their minds to think on evil lines. And thoughts are father to  action So, these idle evil-thinking people's often take to sin Haven't you heard the common saying-"An idle man's  mind is Devil's Workshop"?
If a person keeps his mind busy he or she will be safe from vice. He will put in all his mental and physical energy in his work. So, his or her mind will not get any chance to think evil. And a mind that does not think evil shall never do evil too.
 So, Children;  learn to keep your mind busy. It requires a lot of training indeed. And this training can be easily had in childhood only. If a child grows up with idleness as his habit, it is well nigh impossible for him to give up this habit. Therefore, you  must train you mind it  remain busy all t he time.  

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