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In order to succeed, you should be more like others than be different from everyone else.

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In order to succeed you should not try to be like others. It is more important to be unique and separate yourself from the crowd. If a person always tries to fit in then they will never truly find success, because success requires new and independent ideas and imitating others will impede creative ideas. Many successful businessmen were independent thinkers who had ideas that were new, bold, and different. It is this kind of vision and foresight which is pivotal to success.
When Bill Gates first started Microsoft he had a vision that the personal computer would change the face of technology. It was a unique idea which no other person had ever imagined before. Many believed he was crazy, laughing at the thought of humans spending so much time and energy in front of an electronic device. Others could not understand exactly what the purpose of a computer was. This was precisely why Gates found the idea so compelling. The personal computer was created without any specific purpose; it could be used for an infinite amount of things and applied to all facets of life. This was Bill Gates’ daring and unique vision. If he had tried to be like others Gates would never have dropped out of school to start his company. He would have followed the more common path and the results would have been much more mediocre.
If you want to stand out, you must be different. Many people work in a company and do their best to fit in and follow the rules. Though the order and hierarchy exist to streamline work and create efficiency it is important to make yourself stand out. If you always do your work quietly then you will never be noticed by your superiors. The best tactic is to stand up and let your presence be known to those around you. Perhaps a person may feel their ideas are too strange or unacceptable, that they fly against the company culture or in the face of current logic. But these different and strange ideas are the ones that are most important. They are the ideas that will set you apart from your colleagues and peers. From these ideas new ways of thinking will arise. As a result, new and potentially groundbreaking ideas will be born. It is important not to squelch these ideas, but to cultivate them.
Do not be afraid to be different. Success comes to those that stand out from the crowd, not from those that follow. Bill Gates and other successful businessmen have all made fortunes from ideas that were different and new. They believed in themselves and they knew that doing the same things will only bring the same results. To truly find success you should not try to fit in, you should take advantage of your differences.

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