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Compared to other sports and games, changing times and introduction of new materials had little or no impact on the cricketing gear during the last a hundred years. Plastic, Fibreglass, Aluminium, Stainless Steel etc., could not replace the willow of the cricket bat although these new material are now being increased used in the manufacture of other sports goods.
                  Similarly, the white shirt and trouser that the cricketers wear, while playing, has not changed a wee bit during the last hundred years and more. Prior to that, of course, there had been some revolutionary changed. For instance, 18th century cricketers were there-cornered hats, white, vests, knee breeches with silk stocking and buckled shoes. The two tradition rivals, the Hambeldon Club and the Earl of Ninehelsea’s XI had their own peculiar distinguishing features, their players were wont to wearing gold or silver lacing around their hats. They also put on skyblue coats with back velvet collars. Also in vouge during the mid 18th century was the fashion of using a cap which resembled a jockey cap but the practice become obsolete at the run of the 19th century when there was a pronounced liking for the high hat or some times a straw hat.  

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