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One day, walking along crowded streets of the city, or at a certain market, you easily see several children in the form of beggars, lottery-ticket sellers, shoeshine boys etc… they are called "street children". Besides children who earn their living with their labor, there are certainly lots of children who are professional pickpockets, thieves, shoplifters, and they have caused so much trouble to city people as well as foreigners.
These children are pitiful because they are sent into the streets at the school age. Nobody takes care of them, and it's naturally quite easy for them to become criminals, drug-addicts and alcohol addicts. As a result, they will become a burden for the society instead of becoming good citizens.
Most of these children have the same situation. They come from broken families; their parents do not have responsibilities for them; they are unable to stand the bad treatment of their parents.
Some street children may come from rich families, but when growing up they become corrupted because of lacking their parent’s education. Their parents are busy enriching. They do not think that their children easily become corrupted without their care. In a certain street, you may also see a group of men and women gathering to play cards or enjoy alcohol while their children are begging someone for money. These are heartless and wicked people.
"Street children" has really become a social problem. The problem is certainly quite complicated but it is not what is beyond our reach once we try to solve it. It may cost us a lot to solve this problem, but, anyway, it's still much cheaper than the price we have to pay for the burden caused by these street children once they grow up.

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