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dan y essay dạng nguyên nhân/ tác động và hậu quả/ giải pháp

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In recent years, _ has become a broad issue to the general public. Although it is noticeable, the impact of this issue has not been realized by many people. This essay will discuss some causes / effects as well as effects / solutions of this issue.
People should recognize that there are several main reasons supporting my ideas. A very important point to consider is that _. This means that _. For instance, _. Another point I would like to make is that _. This is because of the fact that _. To illustrate this point, I would like to mention that _.
There are many significant effects of this issue / ways to solve this problem. One primary effect / method would be that _. This means that _. This can be shown by the example that _. An additional effect / measure would be _. It can be seen clearly that _. A specific example of this is that _.
In conclusion, the above mentioned facts have outlined the reasons / the impacts as well as the negative effects / the solutions of this issue. Its causes and effects / measures should be taken into account. Thus, people should have further consideration on this issue.

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