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This is an adult composition rather than the destruction of the season. This is a lyrical section of poetry. In this, a Yaksha, exiled to Ramgiri by the curse of Kubera, sends a message to his alka migrant Priya through the clouds when the rainy season arrives. It has two divisions East Cloud and North Cloud. This is a poetry of a high order from both the sense side and the art side. There is a disconnection in it, yet the chivalry of morality is everywhere in poetry. The east cloud has an attractive depiction of the picturesque scenes of nature and the north cloud is full of beauty and love. It is a very beautiful poem from the point of view of expression and natural beauty.
This is an epic. In this epic the story of Parvatis marriage, Kumars birth, Tarakasur slaughter are prominent the rest are relevant stories. There are 17 cantos in this epic. But some scholars consider only the first eight of these to be authentic, the remaining cantos are considered to be connected later by the scholars. Sublime, sultry and soft expressions, natural and gentle fantasies, soft verse easy natural use of ornaments beautiful depiction of nature, description of tenacity, samadhi coincidence disconnection etc. are the main features of this poem. Kumarasambhava is a masterpiece of Kalidas. This play is composed by Kalidas. There are five points in it in which the love of the son of Pushyamitra, the founder of Shunga dynasty and the love of Malavika have been beautifully described. This is the first play of the poet, so the mature form of poetic skill is not available in it, yet it is a very beautiful composition from the point of view of theatrical art. From the point of view of development related to the theatrical arts of Kalidas, this play has the second place. The famous mythological story of Pururava Urvashi is described in this five-figure play. In this, the poet has depicted the love originating of Pururava and Urvashi very poignantly. This is the best drama of Sanskrit literature. Indian tradition considers this play to be the best drama of Sanskrit literature. It has seven digits. It describes the story of love, separation and reunion between King Dushyanta of Hastinapur and Shakuntala. In this, there is a beautiful execution of makeup and compassion. This play of Kalidas is the best example of theatrical skill. The fourth issue of the play is the best. The greatest feature of the poet is that every character of this play is strong and deserves respect from the point of view of character, in this the softness of the poem the depth of the feelings and the sublime etc. are beautiful inclusions.

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