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Once you lose faith you know how difficult it is to trust someone again. I have also felt the pain of such a person. I have seen that person crying when someone has not fulfilled the promise and has seen his hopes shattered. I would like to say to such people that there is no problem that cannot be solved. Many times in life we get frustrated with difficulties. At such a time it is important that you adopt a positive attitude and face these difficulties with a cool mind. When you look at things from a different perspective sometimes their appearance seems to have changed. The same thing can be helpful in solving difficulties. Today I will talk to you about the emotional issue and how a promise affects one life. I want to tell you that never see a person sad or make any promise to make him happy as you do with children. If the child does not do homework or does not eat food then everyone says very easily that do homework quickly or eat food. Tomorrow we will go for a walk or watch a movie. I also heard a friend telling my child when she was doing some importent work in the office and her child was making noise. He said son if you do not make noise tomorrow I will feed you ice cream and the next day I forgot this slight understanding while his child waited for ice cream the whole day. As soon as you make a promise to someone in personal life or professional life you should understand from the very moment that someone has given their faith to you. In professional life the strings of all the people are connected to each other in such a situation if you do not fulfill your promise then you will fall in the eyes of not one but all people. Your image among people will become that of a person whom no one will trust. So whenever you make a promise to someone try your best to fulfill it. Your behavior is the mirror of your personality and how can you let this mirror fade away. While the difference between your words and your actions reflects your attitude towards life. You all know this thing but sometimes it happens that you make a promise to someone and forget or do not pay much attention to it. But how do you forget that the person you promise weaves his hopes around the promise and entrusts his faith to you but when you forget that promise or do not fulfill it then that person All hope falls apart. In this situation you lose credibility in the eyes of the one you promised.

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