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Speak carefully: Rahul Gandhi's membership of Parliament is under threat after a Surat court sentenced him to two years in prison in a criminal defamation case. Since his sentence has been suspended and he has been given the facility to appeal in the higher court, he has got immediate relief, but if his sentence is not stayed by the higher judiciary, he may lose his Lok Sabha membership. Don't know what will happen next, but there is no point in Rahul Gandhi saying on his punishment that truth is my God. It is futile to mention this statement of Mahatma Gandhi because the statement for which he was found guilty of defamation has nothing to do with the truth. What he said while mentioning Lalit Modi, Nirav Modi to target Prime Minister Narendra Modi and why all Modis are rags, was an insulting and indecent statement in every sense. This statement given by him on the occasion of the last Lok Sabha elections was indicative of his ill will towards people of a particular caste. This was the reason why he was found guilty of defamation. Rahul Gandhi should have realized that he was stigmatizing people of a caste with his statement. He is a big leader of Congress so it cannot mean that he should stop speaking carefully and say whatever comes to his mind. The problem is that he keeps doing this and because of this he keeps becoming the center of criticism and controversy. Saying anything to someone and even using derogatory words is not only an irresponsible act, it is also a mentality of considering oneself very special. There can be no place for such feudal mentality in public life. What should have happened was that Rahul Gandhi would have apologized for his derogatory statement, but due to political reasons he refused to do so. The result is that now it has become their politics. He cannot blame anyone other than himself for the difficulties he is in. It is strange that Congressmen are raising questions on the judicial process while defending Rahul Gandhi. Nothing is going to be achieved from this. No one can be allowed to say anything in the name of doing politics. Rahul Gandhi would be well aware of this, because when he had wrongly quoted a comment of the Supreme Court and said that now even the apex court is saying that the watchman is a thief, then he had to apologize.

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