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Former MP Rahul Gandhi, who was finally punished in the defamation case, lost his membership, because the law says that the membership of an MLA-MP will automatically end if he is sentenced to two years or more. With this, Congress has started giving the message that Rahul Gandhi had to pay the price for speaking against corruption. How far this message will go and how the public will take it, will depend on whether Rahul Gandhi gets public sympathy or not. Whatever the Congress may be assuming, it will not be easy for it to create an atmosphere that Rahul Gandhi was speaking against corruption, hence the government got his Lok Sabha membership canceled by deceit and force, because the truth is that he was suspended by the court. He was found guilty of defamation and his membership was removed in the same manner as dozens of other MLAs and MPs. These range from Lalu Yadav to Azam Khan. Since the MLAs and MPs found guilty in various cases whose memberships have been revoked include leaders from all parties and even the BJP, it will not be easy for the Congress and other opposition parties to propagate that only the opposition's representatives should be banned. Only he is being targeted. This false propaganda will be even more difficult because the public is well aware that Rahul Gandhi lost his membership because he was found guilty in a defamation case. Rahul Gandhi was found guilty of defamation because he refused to apologize for his statement that why are all Modi's thieves? It was a derogatory comment full of jealousy and malice. Instead of apologizing for this, Rahul sometimes says that truth is my God and sometimes that I am fighting for the voice of India. This rhetoric has nothing to do with the subject for which he was punished and due to which he lost his membership. There are limits to fighting a political battle on a matter in which they should fight a legal battle, because firstly, the public knows everything and secondly, the BJP is not going to leave any stone unturned in telling that Rahul has insulted people of a particular caste by making indecent remarks. He was insulted and he has been sentenced by the court. Rahul's past also testifies that he can say anything against anyone. It is difficult to say whether they will get relief from the higher judiciary or not and whether Congress will be able to politically capitalize on their loss of membership, but if the leaders learn to speak carefully, it will be in their and Indian politics's interest.

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