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It is said sometimes to do something for others it has been rightly said that all the time in a person’s life is not the same sometimes he has to do some things sometimes he gets something else. Today I am going to tell you such a story on hearing of which you will be a both live together in a small town and both are very happy. They both have a small daughter named Rima. Ever since Rima returned from school this evening she has been very sad and has not spoken to anyone. After some time she starts crying and her mother asks a lot but she does not say anything after this he comes and says about what happened to my daughter she starts crying faster.  Feels that she has not brought her to of her choice so she is crying. Then he said Son you shut up and eat and tomorrow I will bring a toy of your choice. The daughter said softly roti I do not want a toy you first promised me that if I ate this food you would agree with me. Then they had to bow down in from of the daughter stub born ness and he said okay you eat whatever you say I will accept it. Rima ate the whole food while weeping and then said Papa I want to clean my whole hair. Papa said you are a girl and you will not like it and then how will you go to school too Rima said Papa you will have to accept this thing as you had promised. What was it then Rima got her whole hair bald in thief morning the next day and then went to school. The next day when Rima’s father went to leave her school and was coming back a lady came and said your daughter has done such a thing which I could not even imagine.  asked what he had done. The woman said crying my daughter had got cancer due to which she lost her full hair and she did not want to come to school so that everybody would mock her in school. But your daughter came to school by herself and then my daughter also came Hearing the whole thing of that woman got tears in her eyes and he started thinking that today my daughter had taught me the meaning of love. Therefore. It is very relaxing in life. Do share the story with everyone.

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