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muscle song

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See the chest
You can flex
Your pectoralis
Major out  
Minor in
So that you can press
On the ribs
Is the serratus
For boxing fitness
Turn the neck
Sternocloidomastoid is here
Work in tandem dear
On the back
Now the trapezius appear
Upper, Middle and Inferior
Shoulders up
Shoulders down  
Feel the deltoids work
Abduction of your little arms
The biceps brachii
And brachialis
Flex the elbow, looking strong
Turn around
The triceps
Cause extension
In the shape of a horseshoe
To the forearm
Carpi ulnaris times two
Add the carpi radialis; flexor, extensor, too
The hand has many muscles, that we’re not going through
Give me abs
Can’t resists
Rectus abdominis
For some definit
Got obliques
With technique
To rotate and twist
Intercostals move the chest and ribs
The longest
Muscle is
The sartorius
And Gracilis
Tensor Fascaie latae
And Pectineus
It’s your thigh
And here we cannot miss
Take a look
The Quadriceps
In four parts
Rectus femoris on top
On the outside
Vastus lateralis
Medialis near the crotch
Down below
The vastus intermedius  
Sits on the long femur
With the quads
You can walk
You can run, jump, squat
Extend the knee
Be a dancer
Smooth, Cardiac and  
Skeletal soft tissue
Evolutionary wonders
Inside you
Retract the shoulder blade with major minor
Infraspinatus, and teres make the shoulder liner
Lats are looking broader
Erector spinae will make you taller
Are freakin huge!
The largest muscles they include
The maximus, the medius and minimus
Hamstring placement just below with
IT band, adductor magnus
Biceps femoris are flexors
Semitendinosus too
And Semimembranosus ooh
Calves can flex the foot for you
The gastrocnemius for jumping too
The soleus points down your toes
So you can put on all your clothes
And cover all your muscles
And move

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