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A man in the moving crowd heard his cry and stooping with great difficulty, lifted him in his arms how did you get here, child? Whose baby are you? The man asked as he moved away from the crowd. The child wept bitterly than ever now and only cried. I want my mother. I want my father. Theban man tried to soothe him by taking him up to the roundabout. Will you have a ride on the horses? he gently asked as he approached the ring. The child throat tore into a thousand shrill sobs and he only shouted, I want my mother, I want my father. The man headed toward the place where the juggler still played the flute to the dancing cobra. Listen to that music, child, he pleaded but the child shut his ears with his fingers and shouted even more lushly. I want my mother I want my father. The man took him near the balloons thinking the bright colors of the balloons would distract the child attention. Would you like a rainbow-colored balloon? he asked persuasively. But the child turned his eyes from the balloons and just sobbed, I want my mother, I want my father. Then to make the child happy, the man took him to the sweetmeat shop. What sweets would you like, child? he asked. The child turned his face away from the sweetmeat shop and only sobbed, I want my mother, and I want my father  

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