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Muscles names

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Front (Flexion/Pulling):
Pectoralis Major: Pulls your arm across your chest (think "hugging").
Biceps Brachii: Bends your elbow (think "making a muscle").
Serratus Anterior: Lifts and rotates your shoulder blade upward.
Rectus Abdominis: Tightens your core and helps you bend forward.
Quadriceps Femoris: Straightens your knee (kicking a ball).
Tibialis Anterior: Lifts your toes upwards and pulls your foot inward.
Back (Extension/Pushing):
Latissimus Dorsi: Pulls your arm down and back (think "pull-ups").
Triceps Brachii: Straightens your elbow (pushing something away).
Gluteus Maximus: Extends your hip and helps rotate your leg outward (think "pushing off the ground").
Hamstring Group: Bends your knee and helps extend your hip (running).
Gastrocnemius & Soleus: Raises your heel (standing on your tiptoes).
Additional Muscles:
Deltoid: Raises your arm to the side (think "shoulder press").
Erector Spinae: Supports and keeps your back straight.
Sartorius: Helps bend your hip and rotate your leg inward (running).
Brachioradialis: Assists biceps brachii in elbow flexion.

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