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A sales executive told me how even stuttering is a mere detail in salesmanship if the fellow has the really important qualities. I have a friend, also a sales executive, who loves to play practical jokes, though sometimes these jokes arent jokes at all. A few months ago a young fellow called on my practical  joking friend and asked for a sales job. The fellow had terrible stutter though, and my friend decided here was a chance to play a joke on me. So the friend told the stammering applicant that he wasn’t in the market for a salesman right now but one of his friends me had a spot to fill. Then he phoned me and boy, did he give this fellow a build-up. Not suspecting anything, I said, Send him right over! Thirty minutes later in he walked. The young fellow hadn’t said three words before I knew why my friend was so eager to send him over.  m ack R. he said Mr.  sent me over  talk to you about a . Almost every word was a struggler. I thought to myself, This guy couldn’t sell a dollar bill for 90 cents on Wall Street. I was sore at my friend but I really felt sorry for this fellow so I thought the least I could do was to ask him some polite questions while I thought up a good excuse as to why I couldn’t use him.  
The UN emblem shows the world held in the Olive branches of peace. The United Nations officially came into existence on 24 October, 1945 when the UN Charter had been ratified by a majority of the original 51 Member States. The day is now celebrated each year around the world as United Nations Day. The purpose of the United Nations is to bring all nations of the world together to work for peace and development, based on the principles of justice, human dignity and the well being of all people. It affords the opportunity for countries to balance global interdependence and national interest when addressing international problems. There are currently 192 Members of the United Nations. They meet in the General Assembly, which is the closest thing to a world parliament. Each country, large or small, rich or poor, has a single vote, however, none of the decisions taken by the Assembly are binding. Nevertheless, the Assemblys decisions become resolutions that carry the weight of world governmental opinion. The United Nations Headquarters is in New York City but the land and buildings are international territory. The United Nations has its own flag, its own post office and its own postage stamps. Six official languages are use at the United Nations Arabic Chinese English French Russian and Spanish. The Un European Headquarters is in the Palais des Nations, Geneva Switzerland. It has offices in Vienna, Austria and Economic Commissions in Addis Ababa in Ethiopia, Amman in Jordan Bangkok in Thailand and Santiago in Chile.

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