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One day when all the employees of the office reached the office, they found a slip pasted on the door. It was written on it Yesterday that person died, who was hindering your progress in the company. A meeting has been organized in the seminar hall to pay homage to him. Everyone is expected to be present in the tribute meeting at exactly 11 oclock. At first everyone was saddened to read the news of the death of one of his colleagues. But after some time this curiosity started to arise in all of them that after all, who was it, who was hindering the progress of them and the company?
At 11 oclock the employees started coming to the seminar hall. Gradually, such a crowd gathered there that security guards had to be arranged to control it. People kept on coming. As the crowd of people was increasing, the movement in the seminar hall was also increasing. The only thing running through everyones mind was this: Who was it after all, bent on restraining my progress in the company Come on, in a way its good that he died.
As soon as the tribute meeting started, one by one all the curious and curious employees started approaching the shroud. As soon as he got closer and looked inside the shroud, his face would be stunned. As if they were in shock.
A mirror was kept inside that shroud. Whoever looked into it, he would see his own personality in him. There was also a slip pasted on that mirror, on which was written something which was shaking everyones soul.
There is only one person who is hindering your progress and that is you yourself. You are the person who can create revolution in your life. You are the person who can influence your happiness, your understanding and your success. You are the only person who can help himself. Your life doesnt change when your boss changes; Your life doesnt change when your friends change; Your life doesnt change when your partner or partner changes; Your life changes when Yourself changes. When you cross the limits of your own beliefs, when you understand that you and only you are responsible for your life, then your life changes. The most important relationship you have with someone is your own.

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