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Budget docket contains about 16 documents, it contains a budget speech. Apart from this, there is a detailed description of the spending proposals of each ministry. Along with this, the proposals of where this money will come from are also mentioned in the budget.
Finance bills and Appropriation bills are also included in this docket. The Finance Bill contains proposed amendments to different taxation laws. Whereas in the Appropriation Bill, the allocations to all ministries are accounted for. The budget speech of the Finance Minister has two parts. Part A and Part B. Part A roughly mentions the allocation for each sector. New schemes of the government are announced for these. In this way, it shows the policy priorities of the government. Part B contains taxation proposals to raise money for government spending.
After the reading of the budget speech, there is a general discussion on budget measures. Members of the debate discuss the budget proposals and policies. After this general discussion, Parliament usually goes on leave for about three weeks. During this time, the standing committees of the departments study the estimated expenses of the ministries in detail these are called Demands for Grants Demand for Grants.
The committees then submit their reports on the Demands for Grants of each Ministry. After the committees submit their reports the Demands for Grants of these different Ministries are discussed and voted in the Lok Sabha. All the demands on which voting is not done till the last date of the passing of the budget are voted together. The committees submit reports on the Demands for Grants of each Ministry and the Demands for Grants are included in the Appropriation Bill. It is necessary to pass it from the Parliament. Only then can the withdrawal of funds from the Consolidated Fund be made possible for the expenses passed by the government. In the end, voting takes place on the finance bill. The budgetary process ends with the passage of the Finance Bill.
The Lok Sabha has a greater role on financial provisions in the budget and the demands of the ministries are discussed here. The functioning of ministries is discussed in the Rajya Sabha. The debates of the functioning of ministries discuss the ministries work their achievements, future roadmaps and flaws.This year the railway budget has also been merged with the general budget what does it mean? How will it be different than before.

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