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All the people of Pigeon Crick were familiar with the ability and talent of child Abraham. He used to take good books from people and read them and return them with gratitude and used to note down the important facts of that book and also put a nice cover on the book read. Once upon a time. Abraham had taken a book from one of his neighbors called The Life of George Washington to read. One day while reading that book, he left it near the window of his house. When it snowed in the middle of the night, the cover of his book was completely wet. Abraham was deeply saddened to see such a state of the book. In such a condition, while returning the book, told the neighbor that he wanted to buy them a new book, but he did not have that much money. He will slowly deposit the money and return the book. The neighbor, seeing this feeling of his, asked him to work for only 3 days in return for the price of the book. Abraham worked hard for 3 days. He felt guilt free. In this way Abraham Lincoln, after completing his education, first contested for the post of local council, in which he was unsuccessful. After that he contested many elections. If someone else had been there after losing the election, he would have left this path, but Abraham was a firm believer. While in the office of President, Lincoln adopted the democratic system as the process of governance. In relation to democracy, he gave his best idea to the whole world Democracy is the rule of the people, for the people, run by the people. Today America is one of the largest democratic countries in the world. There, without any discrimination, all the people of the world are provided the opportunity to participate in the development process there.
Prior to this, the policy of apartheid was going on in America. Along with this slavery was also prevalent on the basis of discrimination of race and color. Lincoln strongly opposed this practice. His democratic mindset was never accepted by the orthodox authoritarian forces there.
He was the President of America from 1861 to 1865. While in this position he recognized America as a powerful, democratic nation. His ideal was  dont put todays work on tomorrow. Do you know whether tomorrow will come or not.

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