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God created all humans equally God has created a suitable environment for mans existence. However, human antics have created disturbances in these two. Men created their own boundaries and gave rise to many differences based on their religion, caste creed, economic status and dont know what. He enjoys associating with people of his stature and stature and ignores people below his status. The advancement of technology used by humans has interfered with the normal functioning of the environment, which has brought it to the brink of destruction.
Culture has a big influence on a mans upbringing. It largely affects the shape of a persons mind and overall personality. This is why people from different cultures have different thinking. One thing or situation that appears common to people related to one culture may seem absolutely bizarre to others. The people of India have a high regard for their culture. Indians believe in honoring their elders and obeying their orders. Unlike foreign nations, children live with their parents in India, even if they become adults. Indians openly welcome everyone and respect other religious and cultural sentiments. People of different castes and religions live here in peace and harmony. Similarly, people of other cultures are also attached to their values which helps in shaping their personality and thinking.  
While on one hand human life has improved and progress has been made in various ways, but this progress also has many negative consequences. One of these is its effect on the environment. The Industrial Revolution has proved to be a boon for society. Many got jobs and many new products were produced to make human life comfortable. Many industries have been established since then. Many products are being manufactured every day for our use. To increase the standard of our lifestyle, both day-to-day items and luxury items are being produced in these industries. As the standard of living is increasing, the standard of living on the earth is deteriorating. A growing number of industries and vehicles have increased air, water and land pollution.

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