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Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi has yet again emerged as the most popular global leader in a survey conducted by US-based consultancy firm Morning Consult. With 76 per cent approval ratings. in the list of global leaders, Mr. Modi's popularity has gone up a notch from the previous ratings indicating greater approval of his statesmanship within India as well as abroad. The survey is conducted among a sample of literate representatives which again shows that the Indian Prime Minister's policies vis-a-vis domestic issues and international affairs find resonance with a major section of the society which can  decipher the rationale behind decisions taken in national interest. Mr. Modi leads some of the top global leaders by a long way thus standing as a testament to the rising global stature of India. As against the 76 per cent ratings of Mr. Modi, US presidents Mr. Joe Biden has a 40 per cent approval, Canadian Prime Minister Mr. Justin Trudeau has 37 per cent, his UK counterpart Mr. Rishi Sunak's rating is at 27 per cent, and frarice President Emmanuel Macron at just 24  per cent. The Prime Minister's popularity among the world population is, in effect, the acceptance of India as a rising force of global good As Union Home Minister Mr. Amit. Shah has stated, the PM's top spot is not only testament to the success of the Modi Doctrine in foreign policy but also a global recognition of his achievements in lifting millions out of poverty, selfless efforts to improve their living standards and people's unyielding trust in him. The trust factor puts Modi a cut above the rest and in the end all that matters is the electorate's faith in their leader. In sharp contrast of the global ratings is the narrative being peddled by the Opposition parties in India, Their primary job is only to deride each decision taken by the Prime Minister or demean nation's achievements on the global stage. The approval rating should drive some sense in the opponents to find a better narrative as political rivals.  

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