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many men 50 cent

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Many men wish death upon me
Blood in my eye, dawg, and I can't see
I'm tryin' to be what I'm destined to be
And niggas tryin' to take my life away (come on)
I put a hole in nigga for fuckin' with me
My back on the wall, now you gon' see
Better watch how you talk when you talk about me
'Cause I'll come and take your life away
Many men
Many, many, many, many men
Wish death 'pon me
Lord, I don't cry no more
Don't look to the sky no more
Have mercy on me
Now man, these pussy niggas puttin' money on my head
Go on and get your refund, motherfucker, I ain't dead
I'm the diamond in the dirt, that ain't been found
I'm the underground king, and I ain't been crowned
When I rhyme somethin' special happen every time
I'm the greatest, somethin' like Ali in his prime
I walk the block with the bundles, I've been knocked on the humble
Swing the ox when I rumble, show your ass what my gun do
Got a temper, nigga, go 'head, lose your head
Turn your back on me, get clapped and lose your legs
I walk around gun on my waist, chip on my shoulder
'Til I bust a clip in your face, pussy, this beef ain't over
Sunny days wouldn't be special if it wasn't for rain
Joy wouldn't feel so good if it wasn't for pain
Death gotta be easy, 'cause life is hard
It'll leave you physically, mentally and emotionally scarred
This is for my niggas on the block twistin' trees in cigars
For the niggas on lock doin' life behind bars
I don't say, "Only God can judge me, " 'cause I see things clear
Crooked-ass crackers will give my black-ass a hundred years
I'm like Paulie in Goodfellas, you can call me the Don
Like Malcolm by any means with my gun in my palm
Slim switched sides on me, let niggas ride on me
I thought we was cool, why you want me to die, homie? (Homie)
Every night I talk to God, but he don't say nothin' back
I know he protectin' me, but I still stay with my gat
In my nightmares niggas keep pullin' TEC's on me
Psychic says some bitch done put a hex on me
The feds didn't know much when Pac got shot
I got a kite from the pens that told me Tut got knocked
I ain't gonna spell it out for you motherfuckers all the time
Are you illiterate, nigga? You can't read between the lines?
In the Bible it says what goes around comes around
Hommo shot me, three weeks later he got shot down
Now it's clear that I'm here for a real reason
'Cause he got hit like I got hit, but he ain't fuckin' breathin'

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