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Dan meets Obby Pt. 5: Aftermath (Season Finale, Obby's PoV)

created Sep 25th 2015, 23:17 by Doctor_Who_Fan_1



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'It has been a while...' I wrote in my journal. I had kept up with one since I met the Doctor and became his companion. 'Dan still hadn't woken up, and I'm still a bit sick of worry for both Dan & the Doctor. I pray that Dan would wake up soon, and that some sign the Doctor was still out there would appear. All I knew was that Dan was my last hope.' I looked up and just glanced at Dan's bed... I started to write again. 'I hope he wakes up soon...' I sigh, and look up at the sun.
'My name is Obsidian... and my story has just begun.'

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