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Harjit sulked off into his new room and closed the door behind him. But as soon as he was inside, the young boy was once again amazed at his new surroundings. The room was extremely large with huge windows all along one wall. The ceiling was so high that not even Harjit and all of his friends piled one on top of the other would be able to reach up and touch it! This thought also saddened the young boy because it made him miss his grandparents and his friends. Not knowing what else to do, he jumped onto the bed and sank his head into the pillows and cried. The following morning, just before dawn had fully broken, Harjit awoke and realised that it was not a bad dream at all: he really was in Paris. He crawled out of bed and looked out of the window at a few people. It was all so different from Amritsar. He missed the constant noise from the Golden Temple: the people and cars and rickshaws. There was something very comforting about that noise, he was used to it and he missed it already. He decided to take a look at the photos of his friends and family which he had brought with him. He sat on the floor and crossed his legs and pulled his bag towards him. But just as he began to unzip the bag, he noticed that it had a small keyring attached to the zipper in the shape of a tall building that he saw the previous evening on his drive from the airport. And when he opened the bag there was a flash of gold, just like from a pirates chest, and inside he saw something shiny and familiar. The bag contained an icon of the Golden Temple and one more of the Taj Mahal! There were other objects from India, too, which made him feel even more homesick. He lifted the icons from the case and kissed each in turn before returning them safely to their home. He was thrilled to see such familiar objects from his beloved India, but he was so scared. This is not my bag! How am I going to tell Papa that I took the wrong bag from the airport? Suddenly a voice called out from the hallway. It was Harjits papa! Harjit, wake up, my son, its time to get ready for school. I hope you are excited about making new friends, learning a new language and trying new food. There is so much for you to experience! Harjits father appeared in the doorway with a big smile on his face. Do you remember how we talked about this? He asked his son. This is very exciting for you! Harjit looked up at his father with sad eyes. But, Papa, yesterday the boy at the airport was staring at my turban.

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