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Hey, don't look down while walking

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You can't still be lookin' down and walkin' like that. If you look down, then you won't be able to see ahead, behind, up, or to the side. It's still too early for you, to be cutting off everything but yourself. See for yourself... Me and the other homeless eventually end up looking down and walking like that... and it's not like we're looking down searching for money. No one wants to see anything, and no one wants to be seen by anyone. They don't want anything to happen, don't want to feel anything... Nothing. If you cut off everything around you and look down at your feet like that, you won't even know where you are anymore. And won't even be able to tell whether you still exist... Then, you'll suddenly get worried about whether or not you still exist, and want to look at yourself for confirmation. But you won't be able to muster up the courage to look at your full self in the mirror... All you can do is walk, knowing that at the very least, your feet are still connected with the ground... It's too early for you to lookin' down.
Homunculus - Vol.11 Chapter 1
The homeless man

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