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A healthy body is probably the most significant benefit of Cleanliness. A person who follows Cleanliness religiously will certainly enjoy this advantage. Cleanliness reduces the chances of catching diseases. Furthermore, a clean person seldom falls sick. Also, Cleanliness improves the durability of the body as well. The hygienic person shows quick recovery after being sick. It seems like Cleanliness increases the life expectancy of people. Cleanliness is essential for the mental wellbeing of the individual as well. This is because a clean atmosphere has a positive effect on the mind. The thinking ability of an individual certainly improves. Individuals are better able to concentrate on their work due to clean surroundings. Furthermore, the memorization of the brain becomes better due to the hygienic ambiance. Cleanliness certainly increases the productivity of work. A neat and clean Nation will probably have high productivity. This is in contrast to a dirty Nation which will have low productivity. One reason for it is fewer absent days in a hygienic country. On the contrary, in a filthy country, people will fall sick more often. This leads to a high number of absent days in an unhygienic country.

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