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Department of Fisheries, computer typing test , time: 10 minutes , set:- B

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What sound does a frog make? Crook, crook. It is not a beautiful sound. But, a long time ago, frogs had beautiful voices. They could sing more beautiful than the birds. This all changed because of one frog named bluster. Bluster had the most beautiful voice of all the animals. When he sang, all the other animals came to hear him. They enjoyed listening to him. Please teach us how to sing. the animals asked. But bluster always  answered in the same way. No, no. My voice is mine. I cannot share it, he said.
One morning, Moxie  the rabbit and pluck the lizard talked to the fox and the rat. Bluster has such a big, beautiful voice. Surely, he can share it with us, said Moxie. They agreed. Bluster should share his voice with them. It was such a big voice. Each animal could have just a small piece of it. Bluster could share his voice with each animal. the animals talked and talked late into the afternoon. They made a plan to take blusters voice. They decided not to tell the birds. But they did not have to tell them. The birds were sitting in the tree and they heard the animals plan.  
At midnight, Pluck and Moxie quietly went to blusters home. Bluster was sleeping in his bed, and without making a sound, they took his voice. They put it into a glass jar. Pluck and Moxie took the glass jar outside. The other animals were waiting. Oh, give me my piece, said the fox. I want my  piece, said the rat. Suddenly, the jar fell to the ground and it broke. Blusters voice and the jar were now in a hundred little pieces.

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