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Large forests are found in different parts of the world. Wildlife inhabits these forests. Wild animals get food and protection from their habitat. But as the forests are being cut down, the number of them is decreasing. The forest is inhabited by large-sized and dangerous creatures. Elephant is the largest organism of the forest and the land, but it is herbivorous. Lions, tigers bears, cheetahs foxes pythons, etc. are carnivores with large bodies. The lion is considered to be the king of the jungle because it is very powerful and has great robes. Elephant is the only creature in the forest that has the ability to withstand it. That is why humans go out on a jungle tour riding on an elephant. The lion does not come to them seeing elephants.
While there are many wild creatures in the forest, the number of herbivores like giraffe deer Nilgai monkey is also not reduced.  
Vegetarian wild creatures survive by eating green leaves, fruits and grass available in the forest. Carnivorous predatory organisms prey on relatively smaller or less powerful organisms and eat their flesh. Thus there is a balanced range of diet in the forest which helps in maintaining the survival of the forest. Various types of birds and reptiles also have a prominent place in the wildlife. All the major birds like parrot, peacock, crow pigeon eagle eagle, myna sparrow inhabit the forests. Apart from these different types of snakes  scorpions squirrels and fierce insects live here in large numbers. Flying insects like bees, butterflies bhorai barre adorn the forest.
There is greenery all around in the forest.  
There are many trees here, on which birds monkeys, squirrels snakes etc. are inhabited. The monkey lives on tree branches birds nest on the remains, snakes live in tree coters. Organisms like elephant nilgai, giraffe, deer live in their respective groups in a favorable place. The lion likes to live in a cave. Wild animals depend on forest springs, ponds or rivers for water. Wild creatures not only adorn the forest, but also protect it. But in the last few decades there has been a huge destruction of forests to meet industrialization and other human needs. As a result, the life of wild animals is endangered. There are many wild creatures whose species are being destroyed.
As the forests are shrinking, their survival is threatened. The government has enacted stricter rules to protect the extinct wild creatures. There is a complete ban on the hunting of rare wild creatures. Wildlife sanctuaries and zoological ventures have been set up across the country to provide them with suitable habitat and preserve them.

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