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Discipline is the first thing which all citizens of a country must imbibe and inculate in their day to day life. In the modern era youths are generally inclined to be swayed by the sentiments and passions of a luxurious life so that they could have all the amenities and facilities of a rich person. They would like to have a spacious bungalow, a new modern looking car; lot of currency notes and no check or hindrance upon their day to day activities. In other words, they want to have all the rights but no duties. If there were no checks upon the member of a society, entire fabric or structure of society is likely to crumble down like a pack of cards. It is only the laws and the rules which bind the citizens of a country or other persons residing in it remain within certain specified limits and no to exceed beyond these boundaries in which they are expected to confine themselves. Discipline is the other name of self-imposition of certain limitations laid down by the social principles, precedents, financial curbs, ethical and religious limits and environmental checks, for example, a student in a college must obey his teachers & Principle from time to time. A student is expected to behave upto others as he would expect others to behave with him. Similarly, a student has to bear in mind that his parents have got him admitted to the college with the object of getting him properly educated in a specified line. If he maintains discipline in the college and attends his classes regularly and does not disobey the set rules and guide-lines, then he would definitely achieve the desired goal. But if he fails to catch up with the set principles, he would no reach the destination.

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