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Trees are useful and beautiful gifts of nature. They provide immense wealth and riches for us. Trees give us flowers, fruits, timber, bamboos, fuels which are so necessary for us. They are also a great source of material for paper, rubber, gums, herbs and medicinal plants. Trees give us cool shade. They absorb carbon-di-oxide from the atmosphere and release oxygen which is needed for our life. The roots of trees bind loose soil and prevent soil erosion. The top fertile soil is thus retained. This helps us in agriculture and food production. The arrest of soil erosion also prevents silting and raising of river beds and possible overflowing of rivers causing floods. Trees induce rain and prevent air pollution. They protect us from inclement weather. An area without trees soon becomes barren and turns into a desert in course of time. Trees thus help in maintaining ecological balance. Indeed, they play a great role in civilization. We should therefore avoid random felling of trees. Trees should be preserved with great care.  

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