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According to this, the registration of birth and death of every person in our country is mandatory. So that the system is maintained and there is no difference of any kind, so that the registration of marriage has also been made mandatory for any person in our country. There is no restriction to marry in inter-caste and other religion, there is an option of court marriage for all, everyone has the right to vote at the age of 18 and the age of 21 has been fixed for boys and it is applicable to all the people. Such a law system has been created in our country to protect the welfare and from any kind of difference, equal rights to all citizens is the rule of our country which is applicable to all. Article 39 of the Constitution of our country has provided equal assured justice for all, free legal aid has been arranged for the weaker sections of the society and the poor, under Article 14 and 22, the state is obliged to He should ensure equal opportunities for all and under this the Legal Services Authority Act was passed in 1987, under which assistance is given to the weak and poor of the society
 handle this task. In this way, it is mandatory for the public to follow the general rule of law and the conduct of the law for the public. And if it is not followed by the public, then that person is punished by the judiciary, anyway the word law is associated with the creator. is the rule. In the same way, law and its order on earth is also a rule made for the public, just as we humans are punished for violating the rules of the creator, in the same way the law and order will be made by us and if we violate it, we will be punished for the public. Therefore, it is our duty to follow this law and fulfill its obligations.

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