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The constitution of our country is the main part of our country and democracy. The constitution of the country gives freedom to the citizens of the country how to live their life and how to live in the country. Every country has its own law, similarly there are laws in India and all those laws are part of the constitution of our country.  The then leaders and revolutionaries of our country have a great contribution in making the constitution. All those great personalities have contributed a lot in the amount of time it took to prepare the constitution of our country. Constitution is said to be a set of laws and principles. The constitution of the country tells how the governance of that country will run and which laws should be known to the country leaders and officials to run that country.  A constitution can also be said to be a bundle of fundamental rights and fundamental rules of a country. We also get information about the rights and duties of the citizens of the country only through the Constitution. Along with this, the constitution of the country also tells about the powers of the country.  
It took a total of 2 years 11 months 18 days to make the constitution of our country. In such a time, the constitution of our country has been completed. Before the creation of the constitution, there were many meetings in the country between the princely states and the people of the then Indian representation of the country and with many agreements, then this constitution of the country came into existence.  When the constitution was written in the initial times, then some people of the country were not in favor of this Constituent Assembly. They want a separate country of their own. The Muslim League of the country wanted that they should become a separate country. That is why today Pakistan has come into existence.  

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