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During the rainy days, warnings are issued by the administration from time to time that there is a possibility of heavy rains and there may be floods, but some people ignore these warnings, due to which they leave their homes in high places. do not go towards, and get caught in the flood. So always keep a watch on the warnings given by the administration, and people of those areas where floods happen every year must keep a radio in their homes because whenever there is a flood there is a power cut. Due to which only radio remains a means to get the correct information about the campaigns being run by the government.  Always keep three-four bottles of clean water with you when there is a flood and if you have more members in the house, then keep more clean water arrangements because the flood water does not know how long it will last. Will stay Keep food items with you and keep such items in the food with you that do not need to be cooked. Such as biscuit, namkeen dry bread etc.
People of those areas where there is a flood every year should always keep a first aid box in their room so that if someone gets minor injuries during floods, they can be treated because during floods no one Medical facilities are also not available, and if there is a minor injury in the flooded area, then there is an increased risk of infection in it, so always keep a first aid box with you. People in the flooded area should arrange torches for lighting in their homes as well as keep the means of communication like radio and mobile with them at all times. So that whenever any information is given by the administration at the time of flood, then the information reaches you. It also becomes difficult to do normal work in the area where there is a flood. Only water is visible everywhere. The houses built in low-lying areas get submerged and the people living in it also die, along with the things kept in their house also go along with the water. Along with this there are some other disadvantages which are as follows Due to severe floods, there is loss of life as well as cattle loss. Most of the people and animals lose their lives due to excess water. Due to accumulation of water in one place, there is a risk of infection of various diseases. Because many mosquitoes and insects are born. Due to floods, the risk of fever like malaria dengue pneumonic plague and military increases.

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