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Rise Up - Rumi

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Do not turn to look  
At every beggar that beckons -
You belong to me!
Do not sell yourself Short,
For you are priceless.
Part the waters with your staff-
You are today's moses.
Tear through the cloak of Fog!
You are the Light.
The same light as Mohammad.
Shatter the mirrors of the beautiful,
You are the dazzling the Joseph.
Blow the breath of Life like Christ-
You, too, are of that air.
Break away from the Unscrupulous;
Do not fall for the deceit of Ghouls,
You are of Noble Origin-
You are from the Highest High.
By Spirit, You are deathless -  
Magnificent from within.
You belong to the glorious -
You are of Divine Radiance.
What have you seen of your own beauty?
You are still veiled...
One dawn, like the Sun,
You will rise up from within yourself,
It is a shame to shrouded this way  
Like the moon under the clouds.
Tear through the cloud of body!
You are the magnificent Moon.
You are like a Hawk whose feet are bound,
Tethered to the body-
It is with your own claws
That you must untie the knots.
How joyous is Gold when it enters the Fire!
For it is within the flames  
Where it can show its essence  
And radiate its virtues.
Do not run away from the Fire's Flames!
What will happen if you step into them
For Trial's sake?
It will not burn you, I swear;
Your face will glow, Like Gold.
For you are Abhraham's kin;
Ancient Knowingness is yours.
No mine has a jewel like you!
This world has no Life like you!
For this is the world of Decay  
And You are Life-giving Life.
A Heart filled with Love is like a phoneix
which no cage can imprison.
- Rumi.

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