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When the Supreme Court ordered my release around 10.40 am, I was waiting at a public hall near my uncle's house with a friend. Of course, I was waiting for the report from Delhi. And when the news finally came, I went home. My mother (Arputammal) who fought for me all these years was crying. My elder sister was too. In fact, I have never seen her cry so much. I had to struggle to calm her. My younger sister who reached home a little late, and my father, a retired Tamil teacher, were visibly happy. My mother didn't speak to me today, she just kept crying. I don't remember if I tried to comfort her. But yes, I have to sit with Amma and talk to her.
It is just a few hours since the SC order came. I feel very tired, after taking so many calls from relatives and friends. I couldn't think of anything now, maybe except a few names who I miss badly this day, who I wish were alive, or here with me at this moment. It has been a long legal battle for me. But I wasn't tired as I knew how much my mother was fighting for me. I spent around 11 years inside a 6×9 feet cell in solitary confinement. It was in those days I started becoming aware of my senses actually my diminishing senses. A room in which I had nothing but empty walls to look at. I told someone earlier how I used to obsessively count the bricks on the wall, take measures of the door and bolts and imagine the smells I craved.
There were days when I was desperate to see a baby in prison. And all those babies at home, who were born in the early part of my imprisonment, have now become adults. Sencholai, my sister's teenage daughter, is with me now. She was very frank she wanted me to give her a treat, buy her sweets. I am yet to make arrangements for that. I badly miss Agaran and Inimai, children of my sisters Agaran is in the US, Inimai is on her way home from college. I miss Selva anna (Selvaraj), who has been abroad for the past few months. He was one selfless person who helped Amma to lead an anti-death penalty campaign. I miss my lawyer, S Prabu Ramasubramanian, in Delhi, who was there all along with me in the fight. I did ask him to come to Chennai today but he has many more battles to fight.

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