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There are various times when crackers are burnt in excess. It is mainly meant to persuade something or the other. The festival of Diwali is a major contributor to the pollution caused by firecrackers. On this festival, especially people all over India light up firecrackers to celebrate it. What they do not realize, however, is that it is causing harm to others. Air pollution and noise pollution increases during this time. Apart from this, wedding celebrations due to firecrackers are also a major cause of pollution. People burst all kinds of crackers to celebrate the big day on the wedding day and other events before that. Hundreds of weddings take place every day and thus lakhs of crackers are burst in a year. Apart from this, commercial events like cricket matches and product launches also use firecrackers to celebrate. Similarly, New Years Eve is also filled with firecrackers. It is almost as if bursting crackers has become a tradition to show your happiness. Firecrackers have a major impact on the environment as well as the quality of life of living beings. It contributes to a great extent in air pollution. Fireworks in the air release large amounts of toxic substances into the air. This worsens the quality of the air and makes it toxic and smog. In addition, crackers also pose a serious health hazard to living beings. This leads to respiratory disorders, hormonal imbalances and more. Apart from this, it also affects the mental health of a person. Great levels of noise increase the level of anxiety and also cause panic attacks. People lose their sleep because of this and also cause hyperventilation.
Most importantly, bursting crackers is very dangerous for birds and animals. It is a great torture for them as they have sensitive hearing. High levels of noise also cause deafness in some animals. The constant sound and noise of firecrackers is enough to scare them. Pets at least have the option of hiding in their homes, with stray animals having nowhere to go during this time. For example, some inhuman people play with the poor in such times. They tie firecrackers to their tails and do it for fun. Dont care what the price of their fun for those poor animals. Birds also get badly affected. Bright light can disorient or blind them.

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