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I confront individuals to the extreme, as they have nothing to offer in terms of grace, purity and orgasm. Many clouds will be blotted as tigers and lions will nevertheless chase the monkeys. Will you feel the need? Yes, I have nothing to lose. Take me to jail, take me to hell. I will belong wherever you need me to be, and worship the grace and cherish the orgasmic sensation exerted by the lovely one. Yet, more people suffer than they experience joy. I do, too, ask how this will end for me, but nothing is given and nothing is sure. How much time do I have left until my brain stops beating and heart stops thinking. Not very much. So that is why I have decided to walk the path of horniness alongside a bunch of raunchy ladies and peanuts. They will offer me food to live, and food for thought. Thinking is living, as they say, but how come my thoughts do not bestow upon me livelihood? Will you enter the realm of disgusting and graduate from the task of having to jerk off horses with one hand and with another, calculating the days until you become a heterosexual celebrity. No war heroes die, because the horses will pay for them. How about gorillas? No gorillas are allowed in heaven, as hell is reserved exclusively for chimps and rotten eggs. Now, how much time do I have left until my daughter comes to pick up my garbage? Zebras will know, please go and ask them but don't bother them too much because they are busy having sex with Lloyd. Who is Lloyd, you may ask? He is from Wonderland; a nice place between a rock and a soft place. People live there, and people die there. Potentially, you will be happy. Let me know how things are between you and your worst enemy.  

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