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Why we boys always stare at girls?

created May 10th, 05:40 by MadeInBangladesh



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I don't know why but Almost All Ages of MEN will agree, "We continuously stare at girls irrespective of Age, Looks, Figure", but why? Why? Why? On the other hand, Just look at Girls. They didn't give any SHIT with Boys, FORGET about Staring. I Just Want to Know WHY we Look at girls  like A Hungry guy looking at food???  
Yes, I have so much Respect to my All Mothers, Sisters or for any Women. But When I look at any Beautiful Girls, I just completely FORGET that. I continuously look at that Girl until She Passes out of My Field of View. I know from now and then You Are Judging me saying, "What a Ugly Person I must be, Right?". Well, I accept that I'm Ugly and Dirty minded person for Girls. I just totally AGREE! But... But...
What's about my Neighbors, Colleagues, Elders??? Why they also stare at Girls? While they have a beautiful Wife, Family and even Kids?  
I know Now you will say, "Chill bro, It's a hormonal issue of Men". Ok, If it's hormonal why not Girls do stare at us?
Do you know what this little thing proves? MEN are the Lowest CLASS CREATURE ever made in the world, that's my Conclusion. WE was Like this... WE are LIKE this... & WE will be LIKE this...

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