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In the world today, one sees so many things which please one and so many other things which appear to one to be extraordinary wrong. One wonders why this world of ours, having every opportunity of co-operating for the progress of humanity, loses itself always in conflict in violence and in hatred. We see the clash of blind armies, as it were. We see the clash of blind armies, as it were. We see the reproductionin the modern age of something which we thought had been done away with in the past ages. In the past ages, we had in many parts of the world fortunately not so much in your country or mine-tremendous conflicts on some kind of religious dogma and people fought on another on the interperetation of some dogna. We see, today, people becoming dogmatic infields other than that of religion and conflicts from that dogmatic approach to human affairs.  
In the realm of human affairs, we find this dogmatic approach bringing in its train conflict, want of understanding, hatred and violence. I do not know how we are to get over this; but unless we get over this narrow-minded approach, I have no doubt that we shall fail to solve the problems of the day.  
one of the brighter features of this age is and I attach a great deal of value to it- that the barries that separted the so-called East from the so-called West are gradually disappearing. That is a good sign. But, at the same time, other barriers seem to be growing in the East and in the West. We meet repeatedly in conference and talk about the problems that face us, Sometimes we solve a problem or two but for each problem that we solve, half a dozen fresh ones crop up.
This is an age of international conference. A conference is always a good thing or almost always because people at any rate meet round a table and discuss matters with good humour and, even if they do not always succeed in finding  a solution, the effort is nevertheless always worthy of being made.  

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