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In addition, Mr Akbar had also led the accountability drive against the made by Mr Akbar and his various colleagues in numerous press conferences.
Shahzad Akbar's unceremonious departure is the latest evidence that the government's accountability drive is slowly coming undone. This should surprise no one. It is by now fairly obvious that this drive has been politically motivated and aimed primarily at netting the opponents of the ruling party. NAB has also contributed to this discrediting of accountability by pursuing cases against various opposition leaders while looking the other way when it came to allegations against those people associated with the government.
The judiciary also criticised NAB for failing to produce a convincing case against many opposition leaders which led to the courts giving them bail. Transparency International issued on Tuesday further downgraded Pakistan in the corruption perception index thereby delivering yet another blow to the government’s anti-corruption narrative. With both accountability and eradication of corruption floundering, the PTI government will have a tough time explaining why it has failed to deliver in its core areas of focus.Pakistan needs a process of accountability that citizens can believe in. This can only happen if governments and their institutions follow merit and keep political motives out of the process.  

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