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Far away there was an unnamed tree in the uninhabited which the people there had not yet identified. From the depths of the earth came a life  a life of green color a birwa. Softtender flattened with two to four leaves. There was full liveliness inside him. He would watch recognize and accept the nature spread around him with great curiosity. She loved this world very much and every single thing that happened inspired her to live. Like a child he tried to know and understand his surroundings and wanted to see the secret of each one and see how it is happening. What is this what is that There was no lack of such curiosities in his heart. He learned something new with each passing day. He had kept many things tied to his neck those things with which his safety was connected. Being such a real man he had many compulsions but he had to live within the limits of his existence. He used to accept the sensations around him with full energy and his feelings were very dense. When he was happy he would laugh if he was sad he would cry. Only could not speak could not walk. He was growing a hair tree and had to grow it into a tree. He also continued to grow with time. And as he grew he became aware of the environment around him his fellow society. He slowly started thinking a lot about what the world is. He began to recognize the trees and plants and animals standing in his four corners. The coming and going of seasons also began to be understood in such a way that the prediction of seasons also started happening. When in what weather the surroundings around him would take shape he knew. When he was a small clump small sparrows would come and sit on his trunk. Chim chim chin would speak and fly away. Butterflies would come and touch her leaves. Many birds were making him his night stay. How many insects crawled or walked on his branches. As a teenager all these activities increased and he started to like it very much because every experience of life was new to him. He would think about everything in the world. Some of these experiences were dear some common some unpleasant some painful. Approaching birds and animals meeting him used to give him great pleasure. Winds and light sunshine also gave pleasure. There was suffering from the intense sun rays but he was learning to deal with them. Then with his feet.

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